Cellular Telemetry for Measuring Stations

We participated in a Cellular Telemetry project to concentrate on a central server the operation data of industrial gas measurement stations located in different parts of the country. This project involved the development of hardware and firmware for the telemetry equipment, as well as the development of software installed on the central server for the processing of information.


Telemetry equipment acquires data from customer flow measurement instruments using MODBUS RTU and Allen Bradley DF1 serial communication protocols. Data is stored locally on a  microSD memory unit for backup and audit purposes.


Every hour the system uses an GPRS/GSM cellular link to send information through a file, in CSV (Comma Separate Variable) format, to a central FTP data server. Once the information is received, an application is responsible for processing it and validated using CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) verification algorithms and then making it available to be integrated into the client’s data historization system.


The system allows the sending of operation alarms by means of SMS and/or Email messages to the phones and email addresses previously defined.