Glass Production

We participated in a project for the Glass Industry with one of our clients in their plants in Mexico and the United States of America.

In this real-time process information project, the technology of the PI System was used. The implementation was carried out with different approaches due to the needs of the customer and the different types of plant such as glass container production and flat glass production.

Screens were designed for an overview of the processes and Production Reports, quality and operating conditions were generated by production batches. In addition, Real-Time monitoring was carried out, in which the Process Variables, Consumption and Totalizers could be observed.

Another approach was Energy Monitoring, for which Reports and Energy Quality, consumption and performance indicators were obtained.

The project was implemented in stages to cover 100% of the client’s plants. Currently we continue working in more advanced stages in which the process conditions that obtain the results of production and quality of the products and other developments are detected, thus obtaining the maximum benefit of the operation information that is available.