Production and Change Over Reports

For several years now we have been collaborating with one of our clients in the Food Industry, for the implementation of Real-Time Information Systems. The first project carried out in 2017 was in one of its plants located in the city of Los Angeles, CA.

Within these Projects, the technology of the PI System has been used in the production processes of the pants for the collection of data in Real Time from the different data sources where the information is located such as PLCs, Databases, etc. Processing this information for the calculation and deployment of Process Indicators and notifications in real time, both on the operating floor and through emails, in addition to the generation of production reports and change-over times. This technology has also been used to obtain, through statistical analysis, the operating parameters with the best quality and efficiency results.

The system is currently operating in four plants of the group in different cities of the United States and this year 2022 will be implemented in one more plant in the United States and another in England.

These projects have been developed using OSISoft PI System on physical and virtual servers and different system modules such as PI Vision, PI AF, PI Event Frames, etc., as well as hardware for instrumentation and monitoring of additional process signals.

List of benefits:

-Maximize the efficiency of production lines

-Increases in the production rate per line

-Reduction of waste and rework rates