Real-Time Information



SIOS has participated in several projects with the PI System, including complete implementation for new users, training sessions, installation and configuration of Interfaces, generation of reports through DataLink, visualization of the process in ProcessBook and Vision, Hardware upgrades and migrations.



These are some of the projects in which we have participated and the most relevant results obtained from the PI system.



McEwen (Minig)

Production Reports and Material Balances


GoldCorp (Mining)

Production Reports, Indicators of Utilization and Availability of Equipment and SAP Integration


Fortaleza (Cement)

Expert System for Raw Materials and Integration to SAP Integration


Vitro (Fat Glass and Packaging)

Production Reports and Statistical Process Control


GRUMA (Foods)

Production Reports, Real-Time Deviation Alarms and Product Change Times


CUPRUM (Factory)

Energy Consumption


AKRA (Chemistry)

Energy Consumption


CEMEX (Enegy) 

Wind Turbine Performance