Rotary Furnaces, Filters, Refining, Mills

SIOS has provided solutions in Control Systems for the Lead-Acid Base Battery Recycling industry for more than 20 years and in more than 50 Projects.  We supply Integrated Control Systems for the following Process Areas:

  • Battery Breaker
  • Plants for the treatment of Electrolytes (Acid Water)
  • Rotary Furnaces
  • Refining and Waiting Pailas
  • Dust Collectors
  • Valves Trains for Combustion Systems
  • Burners
  • IS3 Infrared Scanner

Serving Customers in the following countries:

  • USA
  • Mexico
  • Chile
  • Brazil
  • Philippines
  • China
  • Australia
  • Puerto Rico
  • Dominican Republic
  • South Africa
  • Peru
  • Venezuela

The following are the necessary equipment to be used in this industry:

Battery Breaker

The Battery Crushing stage, in the lead processing industry, seeks and recover the different compounds of waste batteries (lead oxide, sulfates, plastic, etc.) to then be reused in later stages.

Our Battery Crushing system controls the operation of the main mill, the battery supply and the different pumps.



  • Precision in the Speed Control of mechanical equipment
  • Engine Start/Stop Sequences and Operation Locks
  • Shredder protection by battery overcharging
  • Local and Remote Power Control System
  • Basic Production Report
  • Soft start of the crusher motor
  • Detailed Monitoring of the Operation System for operation Personnel

Rotary Furnaces

Our Control system for rotary lead furnaces allows you to operate the smelting process safely and efficiently. The system controls both the speed and direction of the rotation of the furnace, as well as the intensity and type of flame of the burner. These furnaces are powered with lead oxide and lead metal recovered from automotive and industrial batteries of the lead-acid type.



  • Flame Fault Protection
  • Control of the Speed and Direction of the rotation of the furnace
  • Furnace Combustion Control
  • Use of combinations of Air and Oxygen as oxidizers
  • Burner Cooling System
  • Burner positioning
  • Furnace Rotation and Brake
  • Control Operation from the Main Board and Operation Button
  • Detailed Process Monitoring
  • Protection and Alarm Diagnostic System
  • Easy Integration to Centralized SCADA System
  • Integration with the Dust Collector System
  • Ready for integration with our IS3 Infrared Armor Temperature Scanner




Valve Train and Burner

SIOS provides Combustion Systems for Rotary Furnaces having as central components a Valve Train and Burner. Our systems are sized to deliver the required amount of BTU’s at different times of the process. The most commonly used main fuel is Natural Gas but depending on the customer and its process other fuels have been used such as the oil.



  • Stainless Steel burner with cooling jacket and ignition pilot
  • Use of combinations of Air and Oxygen as oxidizers
  • Intelligent Valve Train for precise control of fuel and oxidizing flows
  • Accurate measurement of fuel and fuel flow
  • Safety and Flame Failure Protection
  • Configuration by HMI of Fuel and Oxidizer ratio tables for 4 types of flames
  • Pneumatic safety board for burner

Combustion systems use the most new technology components to provide you with years of trouble-free operation and the following benefits:

  • Safety and Flame Failure Protection
  • Prevents the risks of mechanical damage to the burner
  • Supports Furnace Performance Optimization
  • Reduction of production costs using Enriched Air technology
  • Recent technology
  • Fast system commissioning and start-up


Dust Collector

The Control system for the Dust Collector regulates the extraction of the gases generated in the Lead Smelting Furnace by passing them through a filtering system. Also, the cleaning of the modules that make up the filter system is automated ant the temperature is regulated. The emissions generated are monitored to comply with current regulations.


  • Emissions Monitoring
  • Different modes of operation for cleaning cycles
  • Differential Pression Monitoring to determine if filters are dirty
  • Protection for high temperature filter sleeves
  • Remote Control and Local Extraction
  • Cold Air Damper Control
  • Detailed Process Monitoring
  • Protection and Alarm Diagnostic System
  • Easy Integration to Centralized SCADA System
  • Integration with the Furnace Control System



Refining Board

The Lead refining process begins by entering the refining crucibles the liquid lead recovered in the smelter. There it will remain until the alloys required by the client are achieved, and finally it is pumped into the ingot until it solidifies.

Our control system for Refining Crucibles has the following features that facilitate this process.


  • Panel that integrates control and independent force for each crucible.
  • Single temperature controller with universal input
  • Ignition and burner operation
  • Flame failure protection in burner
  • Lead Agitator Control
  • Lead Drum Speed Control
  • Quick connector for Agitator and Lead Pump
  • Process Time monitoring via digital timer
  • Easy integration with SCADA systems via Ethernet connection