SCADA – Online Reports

We carried out a project with one of our clients in the Battery Recycling Industry with the aim of integrating all the variables of the different data sources that were available through the implementation of AVEVA’s Edge Scada software, achieving Real-Time Process Monitoring and generating Production Reports.

The system was connected to the Process Control networks to continuously read and historicize the behavior of the project variables.

The information collected was processed by the system to be able to generate display screens, reports and notifications in Real Time, which were displayed on screens in a WEB environment within the client’s network, in addition, the alarms were configured to notify by e-mail when the operating conditions are abnormal, managing to detect in advance probable situations of equipment failure. Web reports were also developed with which total daily and laundry consumption can be analyzed.


Real-Time Process Monitoring: Furnace Overview, Dust Collector Chimney Emissions and Flow Trends

Web Reports of: Daily Production and Consumption by Furnace, Production Report by Kiln Casting and Emissions Report

Notifications by means of Emails by: Deviation of key indicators and by Serious Alarms