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The SIOS engineering team continues to improve in order to offer updated and complete services for each project, which is why Engineering Oliverio Hernandez was certified as PI System Installation Specialist.

This certificaition is awarded by demonstrating his knowledge and experience installing and implementing the PI System on various rojects, as well as integrating installation readiness, safety guidelines and best practices configuration.

The tools learned were the following:

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As of January 2023, SIOS Ingeniería is part of Cluster Automotriz de Nuevo León A. C. (CLAUT), with the objective of achieving more greater opportunities with potential clients and strategic alliances.

CLAUT is a Civil Association with the objective of promoting the competitiveness and growth of the automotive sector, through collaboration, linkages and synergies between goverment, academia and business.


During the AVEVA DAY event, a success story was presented through a partnership between AVEVA, SIOS Engineering and a client in the Food Industry, in which the transition and improvement of results by implementing PI System in the client’s operations was presented.

The event was held on November 9, 2022 at the Quinta Real Hotel, San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo Leon.

Within the SIOS Engineering team there are 3 specialists accredited as Real-Time Information Systems Infrastructure Specialists.

Dashboard with Performance Indicators Example

Real-Time Data Collection

In this year 2022, we are participating in a project with one of our customers from the Food Industry, which will be carried out in one of their plants located in England.

This project consists of the collection of real-time data from the product processes in the plants through the implementation of OSISoft’s PI System.
The data will be observed through different reports.

Smelting Furnace Indicators

In this 2022, we participated in a project with one of our customers in the Automotive Battery Recycling Industry. The objective of this project was to monitor in Real Time the performance of the smelting furnaces.

For this project we used the AVEVA EDGE software for the monitoring of the variables and the creation of real-time process indicators of each furnace. Reports were also developed in Excel using a SQL database and SCRIPT code for calculations of indicator per day and by casting of each furnace.

In addition, a monitor was installed in the operators’ room to display indicators, trends and alarms in Real Time for each of their furnaces.

Vision System in Spain

In February 2022, the Vision System was launched for a project with one of our food industry customers, which was carried out in one of its plants located in Spain.

This project consists of the design and implementation of the Vision System in the Production Lines that reviews the geometric characteristics of the product in Real Time to be able to make adjustments in the operation parameters.

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Real-Time Indicators

At the end of 2021, we carried out a Project with one of our clients in Chile of the Mining Industry, in which we implement the OSI Soft infrastructure for the collection and visualization of data in Real Time, obtaining valuable information for the client through reports and notifications to users in real time.

In this Project, tools such as PI Server, PI Asset Framework and PI Vision were used on the servers and communication interfaces such as OPC UA and MODBUS.

Industry 4.0

We recently participated with one of our costumers in the Food Industry in an Industry 4.0 project, for the creation of Production Indicators (KPIs) by Line and Product

Using real-time data to turn it into valuable information for decision-makin based on process information.

Dielectric Testing Machine

Recently, SIOS has designed and manufactured the Dielectric Test Machine focused on the Automotive Battery Industry; this test is performed by the HI-POT type test Model 19057-20, 20 KV.

Machine Vision System

In 2021, Sios developed for a client in Spain, a Dual Industrial Computer Vision System for the Measurement of the diameter of objects in real time that pass under the cameras.

This can be achieved through to the strategic use of Digital Cameras, 4-Section Infrared Lamps and Industrial Vision Techonology.

The equipment will be put into operation in mid-2022 in Spain.