Sistema de Adquisición de Datos RDM—01

Success Story

The operation principle of the RDM-01 unit is based on the acquisition of data through serial communication protocols MODBUS RTU and Allen Bradley DF1 to collect the information which allows it to connect and acquire information from a wide range of instrumentation devices and industrial control, such as electric power meters, motor protection devices, measuring instruments, programmable logic controllers (PLC), etc.

The RDM-01 unit collects the information and stores it locally in a microSD memory unit; The microSD memory unit allows local data backup during years of operation, for audit purposes, data backup, etc. The data can be downloaded locally to a PC through the Ethernet port.

Every hour, the system sends this information by means of an attachment in email to the configured accounts or towards a central FTP data server through the GPRS / GSM cellular link in CSV format (Comma Separated Variable) to be used directly through sheets in EXCEL or incorporated into data historicization systems type OSISoft PI or GE historian. The integrity of the information is ensured throughout the process of collection, storage and transmission, using CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) data verification algorithms.

The system allows the configuration of operation alerts (Low Pressure, High Flow, etc.) and sends them via SMS messages or e-mails to previously defined telephones and email addresses, as well as remote control by means of messages SMS of two digital relay outputs that can be used to remotely manipulate the operating status of control devices, motors, etc.