Industry 4.0

Today, innovation, optimization and continuous improvement of a company’s operations are an important factor that determines its success. However, in order to accurately determine how and where to make such improvements, it is necessary to have the process information that is often scattered in different systems, formats and processes that do not communicate with each other.

AVEVA’s PI System has the ability to collect, analyze, visualize and share large amounts of historical data from various data sources to people and systems in operations. Access to key data and information allows the PI System to help companies achieve increased operational improvements.

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SIOS Engineering is registered as an OSIsoft Partner in Mexico since 2011, currently from AVEVA

As a System Integrator Partner of OSIsoft, we have a deep knowledge of the PI System and proven experience in its implementation in different industries. In this way, SIOS has the ability to get the maximum benefit from the PI System for its customers.

Before PI System
After PI System



Optimize The Investment: Selecting and prioritizing the process information that your company will integrate into the PI System can be a big change. SIOS can support you in to identifying the information that will give the most value to you project, always looking for the most efficient way to connect your different data sources with the PI System.

Minimize Implementation Time: We offer a streamlined implementation and a joint work so that at the end, the personnel of your company, is able to properly manage and manage the resources of the PI System.

Best Practices: SIOS has trained and certified personnel by OSISoft so you can rest assured that best practices used by world-class industries in the development of your project will always be implemented.


As a System Integrator Partner of OSIsoft, SIOS Engineering is able to offer a wide variety of services:

Field Surveys

Architecture Design

Data Source Integration

Database Loading

User Interface (ProcessBook, Datalink, AF, etc.)

Protocol Conversion


User Training

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