Verification of Automotive Battery Cap Filters

This machine verifies the presence of the filters located in the manifold in the Automotive Battery caps, as well as he correct level of filtration by measuring the flow of air that passes through them at the same pressure, which corroborates that it is within the limits established according to the model of the filter and/or lid



Test capacity is 350 Pieces per Hour, with a test duration of 3 seconds

This Machine automatically accepts or rejects the lids; which are separated according to their result

It has a manual mechanism to adjust the sensors to the position of the filters in the different caps

The Machine has a Display that shows the test criteria and the counters of the results




This equipment has 2 instruments that are the main ones for the test.

One of these instruments controls the pressure inside the teste chamber and the other equipment performs the measurement of air flow out of it and passing through the filter.