Industrial Gas Control Systems


The PSH Dashboard is used to control the switching of the two vaporizers by means of timers with the aim that one of them is operating while the second thaws. Also, it has a single-ring controller for temperature monitoring and control.

For the uses of gases such as oxygen in medical applications, we have developed compact alarm boards “GBH” that monitor the level and pressure of the gas in the supply tanks for hospitals.

Our TTU-01 Board is used to control the internal pressure of stationary CO2 tanks, vertical and horizontal, through the automatic operation of elements such as valves, cooling compressors and resistors. For horizontal tanks in which it is desirable to know the weight, a high-precision digital scale is included. In addition, the dashboard has the ability to generate local operating alarms.

In gas supply measurement stations we have implemented a data collection system that uses industrial communication protocols such as Modbus, and then transmit the information through the cellular data network. In this way, the need for the technician to go personally to the station to collect consumption information is eliminated, facilitating and speeding up the invoicing process. The data in received on a central server and the integrated into the customer’s Information System.