Shell Temperature Measurement



The principle of operation of the IS3 Scanner system is based on the use of infrared temperature measurement technology applied to rotary furnaces used in the recycling industry and lead transformation.

The sensor measures the infrared radiation signals from which the temperatures on the surface of the furnace are calculated. Temperature measurements are collected digitally by a central processing unit and are conditioned and plotted in the form of the temperature profile along the rotary furnace or as a complete thermographic image of the furnace surface on the PC monitor.

Using temperature measurements in the furnace shell, the thermal conductivity characteristics of refractory coatings and calculating heat losses from radiation and convection, the system estimates the thickness of the refractory and graphs this data in the form of a thickness distribution histogram. With this information, operations personnel can estimate the remaining life time, the theematizing the operation of the furnace.

The system allows you to configure up to 4 alarm zones, which can be set at any point along the furnace and activate a digital output signal when the temperature exceeds a predefined threshold, instructing the process controller to announce an alarm or take a predetermined control action.



Online temperature monitoring of the Rotary Furnace shell

Avoid the risks of mechanical damage due to the formation of hot spots on the rotary furnace shell

Early detection of refractory brick fall

Estimation of the thickness of the refractory coating

Evaluation of the distribution and thermal profile in the furnace